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Welcome to Penobscot Healing Arts

We are a small private practice who's mission is the treatment of patients with tick borne diseases.  Lisa Pelkey FNP is a independent nurse practioner with over 20 years of medical experience.  She is a lyme literate provider and Ilads member, utilizing a traditional and integrative holistic approach, to develop a comprehensive treatment plan 

to return you to a state of wellness.

Initial consults are a minimum of two hours, during which the provider will review the patient's chief complaints, medical history, family history, review of systems, physical examination, order lab tests and create and assessment and plan. We recommend you bring copies of your medical records. It is also prudent to bring a family member or trusted friend or a voice recorder as there is a great deal of information that is shared. This will help to clarify your treatment protocol. 

The office does not currently accept any form of insurance. While certain lab tests and medications may be covered by insurance we do not submit to insurance for our office visits. We will provide the patient with a super bill if desired to submit.

If you would like to schedule an appointment please contact the office at 207-922-2991

We look forward to working together, and creating a healing partnership.