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Penobscot Healing Arts is conveniently located at 61 Main Street 

in downtown Bangor, Maine. 

Lisa Pelkey FNP has done more for me in one month than 4 other Lyme literate providers have done in the past 5 years. Thank you for restoring me to health. I now have the energy to go to college and pursue my dreams!

Cassidy Manter


I was in excruciating pain with every movement of my arms, legs, neck, and back. The pain was so bad, it was difficult to get dressed in the morning. Lisa ​Pelkey FNP recommended testing and treatment for lyme disease. The approach she recommended for my treatment of lyme disease is allowing me to regain pain free movement every day and it is all due to her knowledge in treating lyme. Thank you so much Lisa for giving me my life back.​

Peter Volkernick


What will your story be?

Hugh Canduit